Policy Information

Yes. You will, however, have to take out separate policies for each car.

Can I drive other people's cars under my own insurance?

Depending on your age and the level of policy cover chosen, you may be entitled to drive other people's cars. If you are eligible, then the level of cover provided is third party only irrespective of the cover you have chosen under your policy.

Your certificate of motor insurance will confirm if you have this cover.

Why doesn't RAC underwrite my policy?

RAC searches a panel of insurers to find cover that suits your requirements at our most competitive price available from this panel.

Do I need business use to drive to work?

No. Going to and from a fixed place of work is counted as commuting which would be covered under the Social, Domestic and Commuting option. If you use your vehicle to travel to different places of work, such as visiting different offices or where your vehicle is specific to the work you do such as making deliveries and you also use this same vehicle for social and domestic use, you would need a business cover policy.

What is a protected no-claims discount?

Besides the vehicle itself, a no-claims discount is probably the biggest influence on the cost of your insurance. The more years you have held insurance without claiming the higher the discount we will apply to your premium. Once you have been insured for four or more years without claiming, for an extra premium you can protect this discount. This means that provided you have no more than 2 fault claims in any 3 year period, your entitlement to a no claims discount will be unchanged and your no-claims discount will not be reduced. If you make 2 fault claims in any 3 year period your no-claims discount protection will end. The third and any subsequent claims will reduce your no-claims discount.

Can I get instant cover with RAC Car Insurance?

Yes. As soon as you've successfully applied and purchased online, if you select the same day for your cover to start, you will be covered immediately.

Will I be insured if I drive abroad?

Your policy includes compulsory third-party liability cover to drive within the European Union. If you choose our RAC Car Insurance Plus cover you will receive comprehensive cover to drive within the European Union for a maximum of 60 days.

If I have a maximum no-claims discount and I buy a second car can I add my no-claims bonus to both cars?

No. Your no-claims discount can only be applied on one vehicle/policy.

What is an excess?

An excess is the amount of money we will ask you to pay if you make a claim. If you wish to reduce your insurance premium you'll have to increase your excess.

If a claim is not deemed to be at fault, it is usually possible to reclaim the excess paid from the third party involved.