Travelling with a medical condition - Why it’s important to reveal all

Travelling with a medical condition - Why it’s important to reveal all
Having a pre-existing medical condition doesn’t mean you necessarily need to put life on hold, or abandon your adventures!

It also doesn’t mean that your travel insurance premiums need to go through the roof either.

The most important thing, for you and your travel insurer, is to be honest about your state of health so that you get the best cover while you are away. 

Why it pays to be honest

Medical costs abroad differ from country to country, but can very easily escalate to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pounds. Therefore, it’s essential that you have the right level of travel insurance cover from the moment you leave home.

We always advise our customers to disclose details of any pre-existing medical condition so that we can tailor your policy to suit your needs, and give you peace of mind should you need to make a claim.

Insurers process a high number of rejected claims each year because medical details were inaccurate or not listed on the application at all. Like most insurers, RAC has a large number of pre-existing medical conditions that are covered automatically and at no extra cost to you. 

Brilliant breakdown + serious savings

Brilliant breakdown + serious savings

Breakdown cover from just £7.95 a month*. Plus up to £150 of driving savings!

Brilliant breakdown + serious savings

Do You Know Your Medical History?

Every insurance company differs when it comes to covering pre-existing medical conditions. If you are not sure whether you have a pre-existing medical condition, or you need further clarification, it is worth checking with your GP.

RAC Travel Insurance policies will not cover you in the following circumstances:

  • Any medical conditions for which you have received a terminal prognosis.
  • Any medical conditions for which you are aware of but have not had a diagnosis.
  • Any medical conditions which you are on a waiting list for or have knowledge of the need for surgery, treatment or investigation at a hospital, clinic or nursing home.

We can give you all the advice you need over the phone if you are unsure whether our policies will provide you with the cover you need. 

Travelling To Europe? Don’t Forget Your Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)

If you are travelling within Europe it also pays to have your Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) with you at all times.

This card entitles the holder to medical treatment for free or at a reduced price if they require treatment in any EU country.

Don’t Be Tempted By Non-Disclosure - You Never Know What May Happen

When we book a holiday we think about the fun we’re going to have and the memories we’re going to make.

We don’t often think about what could go wrong. Non-disclosure of any pre-existing medical conditions could mean you are not covered if the unexpected were to happen.

Do you really want to risk a medical bill of thousands of pounds, or being stranded without adequate medical care in a foreign country?

At the RAC, we offer comprehensive travel cover and a range of policies designed to suit the needs of our customers.

Get in touch with us today to find out more and to get further details about your pre-existing medical condition and whether it is covered. We’d be delighted to help.

^For 1 nominated vehicle when added to Extra or Complete cover. New customers only. Ends 08/12/23. *New, single vehicle-based cover. £7.95 a month for Basic cover.