VW boss apologises for emissions scandal

VW boss apologises for emissions scandal

Volkswagen's boss has apologised over last year's emissions scandal during a trip to the United States.

Matthias Mueller, who replaced Martin Winterkorn as the German manufacturer's chief executive shortly after the news broke in September, spoke of the disappointment that the "defeat device" had caused customers, regulators and the general public across the country.

Around 11 million of its diesel cars used illegal software to dodge US environmental laws on emissions.

Mr Mueller, who was speaking on the eve of a car show in Detroit, says the company remains fully committed to putting things right.

But VW has struggled to contain the fallout from the scandal, as recent figures show s ales of its flagship brand fell 4.8% last year.

It sold 295,300 fewer cars in 2015 despite the scandal not being revealed until September, suggesting sales could also suffer this year.

Environmental regulators in the US discovered the automaker had installed software that disabled pollution controls when the vehicle was not being tested. Affected cars produced nitrogen oxide pollutants at up to 40 times the legal standard.

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