The Bath Clean Air Zone: What you need to know

In 2018, Bath & North East Somerset Council agreed to introduce a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) to improve air quality in Bath.

The decision followed orders from the government to reduce the illegal nitrogen dioxide levels in the city as quickly as possible.

Launched on 15 March 2021, Bath’s CAZ charges high-emission taxis, vans (including pick-ups and some camper vans), light goods vehicles, buses and other large vehicles to travel through the city centre. 

There are four classes of CAZ – A, B, C and D, and they exempt various vehicles, but the emissions standards are in line with the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). 

The specific class into each CAZ falls is determined by the local authority that implements it, but they are regulated by a national Clean Air Zone framework, outlined by the UK government in February 2020. 

Bath’s zone is a class C CAZ, which doesn’t charge private cars and motorbikes. If you drive a zero emissions EV, you will not be charged to enter a CAZ. The petrol or diesel engines on hybrid cars have to meet the relevant criteria, as set out in each individual CAZ.

Information correct as of December 2022

Bath Clean Air Zone Map

The Bath CAZ covers roads in Bath City Centre, and areas including Kingsmead, Bathwick, Walcot and the Royal Victoria Park.

View map.

There are signs near the boundary of the CAZ to give drivers the option of avoiding it.

Motorists can check if a post code is in the CAZ before travelling.

How much does the Bath CAZ cost?

Costs vary according to vehicle type:

Vehicle typeCost
Private cars and motorbikesNo charge
Coaches and buses£100
Trucks and lorries£100
Vans, pickups and campervans£9
Private heavy goods vehicles e.g. horse transporters and motorhomes£100 (reduced to £9 if registered with the council)

Although vehicles that don't meet emissions standards can enter or leave the zone multiple times in one day, their owners have to pay two daily charges if they travel in the zone across two different days, e.g. before midnight and after midnight.

Charges don’t apply if one of the vehicles listed above stays parked in the zone.

If your vehicle is deemed non-compliant, you might qualify for an interest-free grant to help replace it – or pay towards adapting your vehicle to meet emission standards.

Find out more about financial support to replace or adapt your vehicle

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What times will the Bath CAZ apply?

Charges for the zone apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

Which vehicles will be affected by the Bath CAZ?


Bath CAZ will charge vehicles deemed non-compliant with emissions standards, specifically:   

  • Diesel vehicles which have Euro 5 engines or older
  • Petrol vehicles which have Euro 3 engines or older

You can learn more about Euro emissions standards here.

The CAZ doesn’t charge private cars regardless of their emissions, or if they’re used for work.

Bath CAZ vehicle checker

Are there any exemptions or discounts for the Bath CAZ?

Some non-compliant vehicles may be exempt from charges to support vital services, owners of hard-to-replace vehicles and vulnerable groups.

You can check if your vehicle is nationally exempt here.

The local council’s MiPermit Portal also allows motorists to apply for a local exemption or discount – registered private heavy goods vehicles could save £91 when driving through the CAZ.

Applications can take up to 14 days. In the meantime you must pay the charge within six days.

If I don’t pay the Bath CAZ, will I receive a penalty?

You’ll be given 14 days to pay a £60 Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) before it increases to £120.

Failure to pay the CAZ charge and PCN within 28 days will increase the penalty to £180.

How can I pay the Bath CAZ charge?

You can pay the Bath CAZ through the website up to six days before driving in the CAZ zone and six days after.

Paying for discounted journeys or logging exempt journeys should be done through the MiPermit Portal.

Bath CAZ advice

The Bath CAZ operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round – private vehicles are not charged to enter the zone.

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