Unclear indicating ‘most inconsiderate road habit’

Unclear indicating ‘most inconsiderate road habit’
All of the bugbears shared by UK road users, failing to indicate clearly has been named the most irritating habit in an RAC Car Insurance poll.

In total 2,144 drivers were asked to relay their pet peeves about those they share the road with, ranking the most inconsiderate – not to mention dangerous – behaviours they encounter.

Interestingly, a mere 4% of those polled believed it likely they could head out for a half-hour drive without encountering any thoughtless driving.

Cited by 58%, the consensus is that not indicating clearly is the most frustrating thing to experience on the roads, closely followed by middle lane hogging, which grinds the gears of 56%.

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Failure to leave an appropriate distance behind the car in front was cited by 51% of the respondents, while 46% singled out drivers who get notably angry with their fellow road users.

Making up the top five most despised traits of motorists was selfish parking, with 45% mentioning those who fail to park between the lines.

Perhaps most illuminating was the admission by almost half of drivers (46%) that showing consideration for other road users is actually mentioned in the Highway Code.

All drivers believe it is important to show consideration, and almost all (99%) would describe themselves as a considerate and courteous driver.

But 64% agree that ‘most drivers need to re-read’ the Highway Code, having found out it states: ‘Be considerate. Be careful of and considerate towards all types of road users, especially those requiring extra care’.

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RAC Insurance spokesman Simon Williams said: “There are a variety of behaviours at the wheel that motorists class as being inconsiderate, most of which involve deliberate acts which are blatantly thoughtless, but the top answer of ‘not indicating clearly’ is probably more due to misunderstanding or forgetfulness.

“The confusion that it can cause is no doubt responsible for, at worst: accidents and at best: needless wasted seconds of waiting only to find out the driver wasn’t really going where you thought they were. The biggest example of ‘indicator confusion’ has to be at roundabouts.

“There seem to be different schools of thought on how to signal at roundabout and very few that follow the rules set out in Rule 186 of the Highway Code. If more of us were to follow the indicating rules there would probably be fewer bumps at roundabouts.”

Last month a police crackdown on distracted driving unearthed cases as alarming as drivers shaving and cereal eating at the wheel.

The other behaviours which made it into the top 10 road gripes are not saying thank you (or giving way) when letting out at junctions, not slowing down for horses, breaking the speed limit, failing to give cyclists enough space and unnecessarily use of a horn.

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