Six in 10 drivers say ‘black boxes’ make them safer

Six in 10 drivers say ‘black boxes’ make them safer
Over half of motorists who have RAC Black Box Car Insurance say having the devices fitted to their cars makes them better drivers.

Research by the RAC found that 62% of policyholders believe the device – and its Driver Score feature – makes them safer on the roads, compared to just 12% who think it makes no difference to their driving.

The figures support the RAC’s long-held view that telematics devices help create safer drivers, and illustrate the influence that the Driver Score feature can have on in-car behaviour.

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Black Box Car Insurance

Helps young and new drivers save money by rewarding safe driving.

Black Box Car Insurance
Black Box Car Insurance

Black Box insurance, or ‘telematics’ insurance, sees a small black box device installed into your vehicle which records speed, acceleration, braking and cornering before sending this information back to the insurer.

RAC Black Box Insurance also includes the unique Driver Score feature which shows this information via the Driver app, allowing you to improve your driving style throughout the year.

The survey shows that 69% of those who have seen an improvement in their driving believe the Driver Score feature has given them better awareness of what makes a safer driver.

The feature also affects speeding drivers, with 58% claiming they now rarely exceed the speed limit, while three in 10 (30%) say that they now drive more slowly around bends.

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RAC Insurance managing director Mark Godfrey says the driver experiences recorded in the survey support the organisation’s belief in the black box technology.

He said: “It is very encouraging to hear first-hand from motorists we surveyed that they feel the boxes and the ability to monitor their own driving behaviour has made them into safer drivers. 

“We have worked hard to make RAC Black Box Car Insurance appeal to a cross-section of motorists by not restricting them with mileage limits or curfews, and it seems this is appreciated by many of our policyholders.”

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