Should you be car sharing? Fresh government guidance confirms safe lift-sharing advice

Should you be car sharing? Fresh government guidance confirms safe lift-sharing advice
The Government has offered new advice for key workers to ensure they share cars safely while travelling to work.

Drivers and passengers with no option but to travel in the same car as their colleagues can now do so with people from other households.

Online guidance says: “journeys should be shared with the same individuals and with the minimum number of people at any one time.”

Keeping windows open to improve ventilation and facing away from passengers is also recommended to help reduce the risk of transmission.

“Private vehicles that are used by people from multiple households should be cleaned regularly using gloves and standard cleaning products with particular emphasis on handles and other areas where passengers may touch surfaces,” the guidance says.

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The new advice replaces Public Health England’s message that those travelling to work together should be at least two metres apart in a vehicle.

Given that most passenger vehicles don’t have the space for social distancing, the restrictions would make it difficult for a number of key workers to travel to their jobs.

Those working in the NHS, supermarkets, education and other key sectors can now travel to work without fear of a fine.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy have asked people who normally share a car with people outside of their household to consider walking, cycling and public transport as an alternative.

If you’re worried about the risk of transmission through your vehicle, our useful advice offers a checklist of areas to clean in your car interior.

Motorists may want to wear goggles or masks to protect their eyes, mouth and nose, while cleaning their car to reduce chances of infection.

Where possible you should try to wait three days before cleaning your vehicle to significantly reduce the harmful bacteria living on surfaces.

Reduced car use has already led to a 75% fall in petrol sales forcing a number of independent and rural petrol stations to close.

The Petrol Retailers Association are working on keeping “a strategic network of petrol stations open across the country” to keep Britain moving.


Will the new rules help you travel to work? Or perhaps you think the relaxed approach will be abused by opportunists? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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