Picking up a Ferrari has never been such a stretch – world’s fastest limousine up for grabs

Picking up a Ferrari has never been such a stretch – world’s fastest limousine up for grabs
Image source: exoticlimo.com.au
The world’s fastest limousine, capable of hitting 60 mph in just six seconds, could be yours for £217,000.

Also the world’s longest Ferrari, the “strikingly unique” 360 Modena holds two Guinness World Records and around 10 passengers.

Originally built in 2003, the Italian supercar was customised for comfort back in 2012 and is believed to reach a top speed of 166mph.

The Australian owners ExoticLimo, previously rented the luxurious limousine for £761 per hour with an advert claiming: “This limousine embodies the ideology of affluence and success.

“Not only is this the most advanced stretch limousine ever built, it holds the Guinness World Record for being the LONGEST Ferrari and also the FASTEST stretch limo available on Earth. Impressive? Yeah, maybe a little.”

Fancy extras include a cinematic surround sound system, LED lighting, TV screens, gull-wing doors and a bar.

The online listing for the super-limo reads: “As you can see from the way it is presented on our own website - the Ferrari Limousine is strikingly unique.”

Despite a huge number of enquiries from wannabe renters, the vehicle has only clocked up 40,000 miles.

The sales pitch continues: “Whenever it is out on the roads executing bookings, the business phone rings constantly from interested potential customers who have seen it and their curiosity has been piqued.

“There truly is NOTHING remotely close to this stretch limousine ANYWHERE in Australia. To have it as the lead member of your fleet sends a message to your competitors, making a public statement that you are the highest quality limousine company in the industry.”

Renting the modified Modena has certainly proved a hit. One satisfied customer left the following review: “the opportunity to utilise the Ferrari Limo for my Wedding truly was a dream come true for me. My Wife reckons the reason I cried on the day was because of the car and not because I was marrying her! And the truth is – I’ll never tell anyone!”

Record-breaking motors have been flavour of the month so far. With the eccentric Edd China setting the record for the fastest electric ice cream van.

His customised Whitby Morrison “Amalfi” clocked up speeds of 73.921 mph to rewrite… electric ice-cream van history.

How do you feel about the stretch Ferrari? Let us know if you love it or hate it in the comments below. Check out more of the weirdest motors ever made here.

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