Fake ‘police officer’ slowing down speeding motorists

Fake ‘police officer’ slowing down speeding motorists
A police officer ‘scarecrow’ is guarding a road in Merseyside, after a local resident opted to take action over speeding motorists.

Edie Pope, who lives in the village of Lydiate, crafted the scarecrow after growing incensed that drivers were continually ignoring the speed limit.

After a spate of three collisions on Southport Road, local parish councillor Ms Pope decided “something had to be done.”

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Ms Pope had previously and successfully campaigned for the speed limit to be reduced from 60mph to a safer 40mph.

But in spite of this, she noticed motorists passing through the village were still failing to respect the limit

The scarecrow has a high-vis jacket, a cap and wig and even includes a ‘speed camera’ fashioned from an old bleach bottle and a jam jar lid.

Of her new measures, Ms Pope said: “You can really hear the cars slowing down.

"One man tweeted that he really feared he had been caught. I wanted a speed camera but was told they would cost £70,000 to £90,000.

“This has only cost me a fiver at the most.”

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The unusual move could prompt others to follow suit, after a spokesperson for Merseyside Police said Ms Pope’s scarecrow is not unlawful, and is welcomed if it “helps slow motorists down.”

The scarecrow police officer follows a similar story to one that emerged last summer in Wiltshire.

Residents in the village of Hindon placed a couple of scarecrows in high-vis vests next to a speed counter outside the village hall in an attempt stop motorists from breaking the speed limit.

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