Tax evasion hotspots revealed as DVLA clamps down on untaxed cars

Tax evasion hotspots revealed as DVLA clamps down on untaxed cars
Tax it or lose it - the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has revealed the 11 worst areas in the country for vehicle tax evasion.

A campaign involving a giant wheel clamp has been launched to spread a message to local drivers - if you don't tax your vehicle, the DVLA will take action.

Take a look at the 11 areas where tax evasion is highest.

RegionClampedFines/ PenaltiesTOTALS
2Northern Ireland55166794473460

In addition to taking their giant clamp on a nationwide tour, DVLA will be in these areas taking enforcement action against untaxed vehicles. These include financial penalties, court action, clamping and, in some cases, ultimately the loss of your car.

DVLA Head of Enforcement Tim Burton said: “This campaign has a clear message for anyone who flouts the law in this way – tax it or lose it.

“It’s never been easier to tax your car, so there really is no excuse. We would rather not have to clamp or remove vehicles, but this campaign highlights the consequences of not taxing a vehicle. Having your vehicle clamped is expensive and inconvenient – and you could end up losing your car.”

The number of untaxed vehicles has trebled since tax discs were scrapped in 2014, according to the latest data from the Department for Transport. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are used to scan registrations and check them against information stored in the DVLA’s database, so it's now harder than ever for unscrupulous drivers to get away with not taxing their car.

Even if you don't drive your car, it may still need to be taxed. If you're unsure, follow our advice in our guide to driving without tax. Mythbusting with the DVLA. Two in every 100 vehicles are untaxed.

Did you know, you can get fined for moving out of the way of an ambulance?

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