Drivers reveal car park offences

Drivers reveal car park offences

Motorists could face an unexpected claim on their car insurance this Christmas, after a new survey found one in two drivers have hit another car while parking - and then driven off.

The Parking Hero survey by Citroen UK also revealed that just under half of drivers think their car is more likely to get damaged in a supermarket car park than in any other location.

More than a quarter (28%) believe their car would be likely to get damaged in a multi-storey car park, and around one in six (17%) think on-street parking could result in scrapes.

With that in mind, nearly two thirds of Britons (63%) tend to ignore the first available parking space they find and look out for one which does not have any other cars nearby, the survey found.

The Parking Hero survey is aimed at giving drivers an insight into parking behaviour in the UK.

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