Dashcam site exposes innocent drivers to ridicule – RAC

Dashcam site exposes innocent drivers to ridicule – RAC
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A divisive website carrying over 7,000 pages of pictures and videos of bad driving is attracting criticism from the motoring world.

The Rate-driver website offers a forum for motorists to post dashcam footage of road rage, selfish parking and other things that have annoyed them on the roads, along with the offending car’s registration number.

The RAC says incidents of dangerous driving should “unquestionably be reported to the police,” arguing sites like this have the potential to be misused.

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RAC spokesman Simon Williams sees the value of dashcam video, which is increasingly being accepted by police as evidence.

But he argues that a one-off mistake is not fair grounds for a law-abiding driver to receive online abuse, or worse.

“Frustration may arise if officers don't take action and this website could be a product of that, as well as the growing use of dashcams,” he argues. “But it does seem wrong that one innocent mistake could lead to the driver in question being ridiculed on the web.”

Mr Williams points out that good drivers should have little to worry about with regard to being caught on another driver’s camera.

“On the other hand, some number plates appear on this site so frequently that you would think the driver concerned should be spoken to by the police,” he adds.

Dangerous driving and traffic cameras were in the news last week after it emerged Australia is targeting at-the-wheel phone use with specialised cameras, in a move which could be trialled worldwide if successful.

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The Rate-driver site – which declined a request for comment from the Daily Mail – compiles a monthly top 10 of the most complained-about motorists.

Thousands of drivers have used it to share stories of the anti-social driving they have experienced – with some uploading images of vehicles they claim have smashed into them.

Others bemoan the wrongful use of disabled parking spaces, with one poster claiming: “It upsets me that people like this don't seem to care what they do affects some of us.”

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