Could EV range review cause sales surge?

Could EV range review cause sales surge?
EV sales could be boosted by changing how electric car ranges are calculated, automotive experts have suggested.

According to engineering and testing consultancy Horiba Mira, reviewing calculations behind EV range could remove ‘range anxiety’ from car buyers – and improve sales.

A report by the company calls current testing conditions ‘unrealistic’, and says factors like temperature, driving style and journey type can all have a dramatic effect on range and should be considered.

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Range anxiety is the term used to describe the fear that a pure electric vehicle has insufficient range on a fully-charged battery for motorists to safely reach their destination.

This is a particular concern in the UK due to the patchy nature of current EV charging provision, despite Government announcements that it will invest £400 million to improve the infrastructure. 

Ben Gale, spokesperson for Horiba Mira, said the successful switch to EVs will depend largely on a positive change in consumer perceptions, particularly around ‘range anxiety’.

“It is therefore imperative that government and EV manufacturers respond accordingly, to accelerate EV adoption.”

He added: “At present, the use of insufficient range data in real-world conditions is playing a part in fuelling range anxiety, putting many motorists off making the switch to EVs.”

As Mr Gale explains, EVs are currently tested at just one ‘optimum’ temperature, but when air-con or heating requirements are factored in additional power is needed.

Reviewing this testing method would help address these disparities, and provide consumers with more certainty – helping reduce range anxiety.

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In May 2019, the RAC announced plans to help drivers combat fears around EV range anxiety by developing the UK’s first ever lightweight EV charger.

A growing number of our orange patrol vans are now equipped with these chargers, which can give stranded, out-of-charge cars a boost to help them continue their journey.

For more information, read our report about the new RAC EV chargers and find out how they can help keep you safe on the roads as EV ownership continues to grow.

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