Could a dashcam help you avoid a big repair bill?

Could a dashcam help you avoid a big repair bill?
Installing a dashcam might just end up saving you hundreds on repairs if your car is damaged while parked, tech experts are advising.

The windscreen-mounted cameras could provide crucial evidence for your insurance provider if your car is hit or broken into while you’re away, if engaged in “parking mode.”

The little-known feature can record scrapes, bumps and even break-ins while your car is parked – footage which can often be used as evidence in an insurance claim.

‘Parking mode’ works by using motion sensors to detect movement around your vehicle, and immediately starts recording when it senses interference.

Not only could this provide evidence to back up a claim, dashcams can even help deter would-be thieves from trying to break in in the first place.

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Heather Yates, in-car technology expert at Halfords, says a dashcam acts as an independent witness if your car gets dinged at the supermarket or someone tries to break into it.

She said: “[Dashcams] offer drivers greater peace of mind and protection for when they are not there, and having them placed prominently on a car windscreen can even discourage bad behaviour by making people more accountable for their actions.”

Dashcams are small, on-board video cameras installed behind the rear-view mirror that record your journey, and have grown in popularity in recent years.

Parking mode is included on several dashcam models available at the RAC Shop, including the RAC 2000 Dashcam and RAC 3000 dashcam.

For more information about dashcams, from installation to use, check out our ultimate guide to everything you need to know about dashcams.

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