10th straight weekly fuel price rise – and it could get worse

10th straight weekly fuel price rise – and it could get worse
Drivers have been hit with a 10th successive week of fuel price hikes, according to government figures.

The average cost of a litre of unleaded in the UK now stands at more than £1.30, while the average litre of diesel will set motorists back by £1.34.

The increases come at the back of what has been labelled a ‘rollercoaster’ summer at the pumps, with fuel prices rising erratically.

Prices could be set to rocket further following Chancellor Philip Hammond’s hint this week that he may unfreeze the fuel duty rate in this Autumn’s budget.

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The cost of filling up the average 55-litre family vehicle has risen by around £6 since April, and Mr Hammond’s fuel duty suggestion would see that cost increase.

In an announcement to MPs, Mr Hammond said fuel duty “would have to be looked at again in the context of the economy today.”

Fuel duty has remained at a rate of 58p per litre since 2011, following former Chancellor George Osbourne’s decision to introduce a freeze.

But in the face of NHS funding needs and uncertainty surrounding the Brexit deal, an end to the fuel duty freeze could be used as a bid to balance the books. 


RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes does not believe that now is the time for fuel duty increases.

He said: “Motorists contribute around £46bn of motoring-related taxation to the Treasury each year so pay their fair share in tax. Pump prices are now at their highest level in four years.

“Given that drivers are spending around £8 more to fill up their tanks each time they are at a petrol station than they did a year ago, we'd argue that this is not the time to be considering a fuel duty rise.

“It is also important to note that the Treasury has been benefiting from the additional VAT drivers are having to pay as a result of higher fuel prices.” 

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