Ferrari announce plans to introduce ‘engine noise’ for new era of EVs

Ferrari announce plans to introduce ‘engine noise’ for new era of EVs
Iconic Italian supercar brand Ferrari have revealed their latest patent fillings for an external speaker system that will emit an ‘authentic’ internal combustion engine sound for the company’s next generation of electric vehicles (EVs).

The first of the firm’s all electric models are expected to be available in 2025, and they are targeting 40% of all their sales to be EVs by 2030.

For more than 70 years, the iconic prancing horse badge has been synonymous with V8 and V12 symphonies – but as the industry looks to make the switch to electric, Ferrari are looking to keep their heritage intact.

However, it will be about innovation and taking the industry to new places.

The patents that were filed in the United States show that Ferrari will not try to replicate the engine noises, but will instead come with a system at the rear of the vehicle which will enhance the sound generated by its battery-powered drivetrain.

This external speaker – or ‘sound reproduction device’ – will be mounted on the rear axle and its sounds will correlate with the speed the vehicle is travelling and how aggressively a driver is accelerating.

Although the sound of a roaring engine may be consigned to history for Ferrari, the new patent will enable the new cars to create a 'genuine powertrain' noise, rather than a series of synthesised sounds that other manufacturers are creating for their EV range.

This will mean that the new generation of vehicles will meet Ferrari's strict ethos of authenticity for motorists across the world.

Image: USPTO

The image above is a part of Ferrari’s submission to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

And it isn’t just Ferrari who are looking at the sounds their future EVs will be making.

German manufacturer employed BMW employed globally-renowned composer Hans Zimmer to help create the future sounds their EVs will create.

Nissan’s UK arm has been testing different sounds for time of day, driving style and vehicle within the range.

Fiat’s sports division, Abarth, have recently announced their latest version of its 500e range which will include a speaker that generates a combustion engine sound when accelerating.

What do you make of these developments regarding the future of electric vehicles? Do you think it is a good idea for EVs to be generating fuel powered engine noises? Leave your comments below.

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