Vehicle lock-outs on the decrease

Vehicle lock-outs on the decrease
Your breakdown cover doesn't just help when your car breaks down! In 2012 RAC patrols went to the rescue of 44,319 motorists who had been locked out of their vehicles. The good news for drivers, however, is that the number of lock-outs is falling every year as five years ago the figure was nearly 67,000.

The most common cases involve keys getting shut in boots of vehicles which have fobs with separate boot release buttons or children being locked in cars, either as a result of them pressing the key themselves or parents throwing keys on to the front seat and activating the lock in the process. It’s also worth remembering that many modern vehicles have a self-locking function where the vehicle will re-lock itself if the driver’s door has not been opened in 30 seconds to a minute from being unlocked.

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RAC patrols are very well practised at dealing with members who find themselves in this situation and have a variety of manual and electric methods at their disposal to retrieve keys.

RAC patrol Chris Burgess said: “To anyone who’s done it, locking your keys in the car is a very stressful experience, particularly if a child or an animal is trapped inside, but for an RAC patrol it’s very much an everyday occurrence which we are trained and equipped to sort out quickly for our members.”

RAC vehicle lock-outs by year:

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