Technology to make you feel good

How Telematics can help employee health and wellbeing

Telematics technology is a valuable tool for managing fuel efficiency, in the process cutting business costs. But there are other benefits that many businesses are not yet taking advantage of.

All businesses have a duty of care to provide for employees, and the in-depth reporting and analysis available through telematics can help with this, helping to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff.

Health, safety and wellbeing take on even greater importance when staff are mobile or work remotely. The data collected by telematics software can support employers in creating duty of care policies, as well as allowing managers to monitor and measure the impact of these policies.

Our online telematics portal allows businesses to prove they are meeting their obligations in the case of an accident. Telematics software can also support employers by identifying the length lone workers are on site, showing working hours, highlighting excessive speeding and vehicle health, and providing alerts in case of accident.

Thanks to the level of data coming out of a telematics system, employers with a mobile or remote workforce are able to execute risk profiling and establish where duty of care focus must be spent.

RAC Telematics produces driver benchmarking and driving risk scores based on trip data. This information and scoring identify key areas where employers can focus training programmes, helping to keep drivers safe.

Installing telematics is only the first step to getting full value from this technology. Users seeking the greatest benefits can embed the richness of the data into daily, weekly or monthly routines.