<p>What kind of business insurance can the RAC provide?</p>
What kind of business insurance can the RAC provide?

What kind of business insurance can the RAC provide?

We understand the long hours and financial investment that goes into growing your business. With that in mind it is essential to have safeguards in place that will allow you to focus on making your enterprise the best it can be.

‘But there is no one-size-fits-all solution’.

A tailored approach could be the solution, which is why the RAC provides a range of business insurance options to suit the diverse needs of our customers.

Liability Insurance

Employers’ Liability Insurance is required by law if you employ staff, protecting you in the event of an accident. Similarly, Public Liability Insurance covers your legal responsibility in the event of harm to the public or damage to their property.

The RAC offers a variety of solutions such as Tradesman's Liability Insurance, which covers legal costs and pays compensation should the business be at fault. Further options, such as protection of construction projects and insurance for the tools of your trade, are also available.

Business insurance for offices and shops

With both staff and clients likely to be on site, a shop or office will require Employers’ and Public Liability Insurance. However, there is further cover which their owners may wish to consider. Office Insurance can protect your building and its contents, and can also cover legal expenses, accidental damage cover, and the theft of money from your premises or while in transit. A shop may also require stock cover to protect against theft and damage, be this accidental or malicious.

Business insurance for the hospitality industry

Insurance is a particularly important consideration in the hospitality industry. The RAC provides bespoke Hotel & Guesthouse Insurance and Pub & Restaurant Insurance, which includes Public and Employer’s Liability as well as contents, stock cover and business interruption protection. Business Interruption Protection will help ease worries in the event that you are forced to cease trading for a period of time.

Working from Home Insurance

Home offices have become increasingly popular in recent years, but your standard Household policy won't necessarily provide cover for this. The RAC’s Home Business Insurance protects your buildings, contents, and equipment such as computers and phones. There is also the option to extend your Occupiers' and Personal Liability Insurance to cover work-related visitors.

Our tailored business insurance policies mean the RAC can offer cover for all kinds of enterprises. It is an area worth investing significant thought in, as protecting your business means protecting your future. 

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