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Innovation technology Delivering real business benefit

Our innovative technology keeps your fleet moving

At RAC we continue to invest in new ways to drive efficiencies, from our game-changing telematics to diagnostic technology, from our Universal Multi-fit Wheel to fuel and tyre patrols.

Here is an outline of our latest technology innovation products aimed to keep businesses on the road.

Universal Multi-fit Wheel

  • Due to CO2 emission legislation, manufacturers removed the spare wheel from new models to decrease vehicle weight and emissions
  • We can now replace the wheel with our innovative ‘multi-fit wheel
  • Fits 45 of the top 50 vehicles that result in the highest ‘puncture, no spare’ related recoveries
  • Vehicle can be driven to a replacement tyre outlet without the need for a recovery and further inconvenience

RACSCAN+ on-board diagnostic technology

  • State-of-the-art diagnostic system
  • Backed up by on-board technical information and an impressive mobile kit of over 500 parts and tools
  • Gives our Patrols the very best information from the vehicle’s own diagnostic equipment
  • Enables fast, efficient repair of more vehicles on the spot

RAC DSS – 7000 Battery Tester

  • Not only identifies when a battery needs to be replaced, but also captures and links all data to a specific incident/test number
  • Measures and displays the battery’s cranking State of Health (SOH) as well as its reserve capacity
    Enables the proactive management of parts replacement
  • Reduced vehicle downtime due to battery related faults

Rapid Deployment Towing System (RDTS)

  • Allows us to tow vehicles from our standard Patrols to a place of repair or to the customer’s chosen destination
  • Almost 50% of recoveries are undertaken by Patrols without the customer having to wait for an additional resource to arrive

Vehicle Health Check

  • This high quality check includes tyres, fluids, battery, lights and engine oil
  • Helps to reduce the potential for future breakdowns

Contact Centre Services

  • We have introduced enhancements to improve our service and deployment processes 
  • Automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that allows customers to cancel their breakdowns without having to wait to speak to an advisor
  • Changes to Intelligent Questioning Analysis (iQA), which will enable customer service specialists to determine vehicle faults quicker

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