RAC launches affordable service plan to help drivers keep their cars maintained in the cost-of-living crisis

RAC launches affordable service plan to help drivers keep their cars maintained in the cost-of-living crisis
With research showing motorists are cutting back on car maintenance to save money, the RAC has launched a new payment plan which affordably enables drivers to spread the cost of their services and MOTs.

Data for the RAC Report on Motoring shows one-in-10 of all drivers (9%) have been cutting back by servicing their vehicles less frequently and 14% have put off getting repairs done – a figure that rises to 37% of drivers aged 17 to 24.1

The RAC Service and MOT Plan lets drivers spread the cost of routine servicing and MOTs over two years so they don’t have to pay big bills all in one go – with no risk of prices increasing. While MOTs are a legal requirement servicing is not.

As services usually involving higher upfront costs of £150 to £250, many drivers have been putting off getting them done to save money.

RAC service, maintenance and repair chief executive Paul Coward said: “With the cost-of-living getting worse and new car supply still reduced, people are holding on to their cars for longer. While no one likes paying for a service, we know it’s more cost-effective in the long term to maintain cars as this this helps to avoid nasty, unexpected big repair bills when things inevitably go wrong or, worse still, an accident.

“As servicing and MOTs are often so challenging financially, particularly during the current cost-of-living crisis, we’ve created the RAC Service and MOT Plan which spreads the costs into monthly payments to make them manageable, giving drivers peace of mind that the majority of their car maintenance costs are sorted for the next two years. It’s also inflation-proof as services and MOTs can be locked in at today’s prices.

“We feel there is also a widespread lack of awareness of the importance regular servicing plays in keeping your car in the best possible condition. As a number of general checks are carried out, you can get advance warning of other important maintenance jobs that may need to be addressed, again saving money in the longer term. The MOT can also be a worry for those with older cars because there’s always a fear a big repair bill may suddenly appear, something which we’ll soon have a solution for too.”

What does an RAC Service and MOT Plan include?

Over the two-year plan, customers will receive:

  • 1x full service – change oil and replace air and oil filters as part of a comprehensive 40-point check to make sure the car is running smoothly
  • 1x interim service – another oil change and replace air and oil filters as part of a 25-point check to keep the car healthy
  • 2x MOTs (currently charged at a maximum of £54.85 each) – legally required once a year for cars over three years old

Plans can be taken out by owners of petrol and diesel cars and vans that are less than 20 years old, under 3.5 tonnes and have engines which are 3.0 litres or smaller. Currently, hybrid and electric vehicles are not covered.

Costs are determined by engine size with vehicles up to 2000cc paying £20 per month; 2001-2400cc – £22, and 2401-3000 – £25 a month. RAC members receive a 10% discount.

Drivers can manage their plans and book their services and MOTs online with a choice of more than 550 garages consisting of: RAC Approved Garages, WhoCanFixMyCar trusted garages and the RAC’s new Mobile Mechanics.

Plans cannot be transferred if the vehicle is sold but they can be cancelled at any time and another one purchased for the new vehicle by calling 0800 048 7488. Anyone interested in taking out an RAC Service and MOT plan can find out more here.

RAC Service and MOT Plan

RAC Service and MOT Plan

From £19 a month†.
Spread car maintenance costs with our affordable monthly plan.
Beat inflation – lock in today’s prices for two years!

†Minimum price for RAC members. Non-member prices start at £21.11.

RAC Service and MOT Plan

1 RAC Report on Motoring 2022 – 3,102 drivers – 30-minute online survey