Video: Stunning crash footage as ‘flying van’ soars over roundabout

Video: Stunning crash footage as ‘flying van’ soars over roundabout
An 18-year-old has been found guilty of dangerous driving after hitting a roundabout on the A11.

The inexperienced driver had two passengers on board when a motorcyclist recorded terrifying footage of his van dramatically flying over the busy roundabout.

After denying the charge, Mr Lamb was found guilty at Norwich Magistrates’ Court last week, losing his licence for 12 months.

Watch the video:

Source: SWNS


Mr Lamb was driving with friends to the Sundown music festival in September last year, when the horrific crash was recorded on helmet-cam by a motorcyclist riding directly behind them.

In the footage, a silver Citroen Berlingo can be seen speeding down the dual carriageway, undertaking another vehicle before failing to stop at the roundabout.

Hitting the raised edge, the vehicle is then launched through the air and sent spiralling.

“He just didn’t see the roundabout coming,” said motorcyclist Andy Daynes.

Incredibly, Mr Lamb and his passengers escaped the crash with only minor cuts and bruises.

When sentencing the teen, chairman of the bench Jim Agnew said: “Your driving fell far below the expected standard of competent and careful driving.”

Mr Lamb, who had only been driving for three months at the time of the crash was found guilty of dangerous driving.

As well as losing his licence, he has been ordered to take an extended retest, as well as pay £310 toward CPS costs, an £85 victim subcharge and undertake 80 hours’ community service.

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