Video: Hedgerow blow shows dangers of unsafe overtaking

Video: Hedgerow blow shows dangers of unsafe overtaking
A shocking video has emerged of a car being shunted into a hedge by the van it was trying to overtake.

The footage shows a Ford Focus trying to overtake the van on a narrow country lane between Strabane and Clady in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

But as it tries to pass, the van attempts to overtake a third car in front of it, causing it to collide with the Focus and shove it into the hedgerow at the side of the road:

Source: Cops/VOSA watch Derry /

The footage has led road safety experts to remind drivers of the dangers by overtaking without taking necessary safety checks.

Posted on the Cops/VOSA watch Derry Facebook page, the dash cam video appears to show the van driver failing to check their mirrors or blind spot before moving out.

After slamming into the hedge, the driver of the Focus was able to regain control of the vehicle and bring it to a halt in the middle of the road.

It’s unclear from the video whether anyone was left injured as a result of the collision.

Speaking to The Sun, Rebecca Ashton, head of driver behaviour at IAM Roadsmart reminded drivers to check their mirrors and blind spot before overtaking.

She said: “The common-sense approach is do not attempt to overtake unless you are sure you can do so safely and without causing risk or inconvenience to another road user.

“If you are following a slower moving vehicle, the first thing you should ask yourself is … do I need to? Then can I do it safely? Have I observed fully and is it clear and safe for me to carry out the overtake?”

She added: “When driving a van good mirror check and blind spot check are extremely important, as you don't have the luxury of rear windows to assist you when trying to check if it's clear.”

For more information on how to stay safe on the roads, check out our guide to overtaking.

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