Speeding driver faces over 100 penalty points after setting off 32 speed cameras on M6

Speeding driver faces over 100 penalty points after setting off 32 speed cameras on M6
An irresponsible driver may have racked up 107 penalty points from just one reckless journey – after triggering 32 speed cameras along the M6 motorway.

The offending motorist was caught doing an average of 83mph in heavy fog during the early hours of Monday morning.  

After speeding through roadworks – which enforced a 60mph limit – the driver was picked up by a succession of cameras before being stopped between junctions 14 and 15 near Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire.

Along with the 32 speeding offences – with the potential for racking up 96 penalty points ­– the driver was also found to have two bald tyres and was driving without car insurance.

Worn tyres add another three points to his licence, while driving without insurance could add a further six to eight penalty points, totalling a possible 107.

Central Motorway Police Group tweeted: “M6 J14-J15 [car] stopped due to activating 32 speed cameras at very high speeds.

“Whilst we were following it we recorded its average speed of 83mph in the roadworks 60s in thick fog. Driver detained and [car] seized no insurance and two bald tyres.”

The post attracted a huge response from the driving community, which responded in horror.

Twitter user Jason Crisp said: “Do you ever test a driver for IQ? Are you even allowed to? They most surely know they will get stopped, they either don’t care or don’t consider it will happen.

“More worryingly is the danger they present to law abiding road users. Good stop CMPG.”

Meanwhile, Kate Garlick urged police to sell the car to raise money for road safety.

She said: “Don’t crush the car. Not environmentally friendly. ‘Change the law so police can legally seize car and auction it off with proceeds going to road crime victims.”

“Criminal deprived of their car and money raised to help those who need it. Win win in my book.”

Eddie Downard added: “By the time he gets his licence back the only place he’ll be able to drive is an internal combustion engine theme park.”

Earlier this year, Highways England announced plans to increase the speed limit through roadworks from 50mph to 60mph where safe to do so.

Journey times were reduced by between 8% to 14% thanks to the faster speeds introduced in trials across eight locations.

Support for average speed cameras, which are a common sight through roadworks, is strong. According to RAC data, 79% of motorists believe the cameras are better at slowing traffic than traditional fixed ones.

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