Russian Batmobile with prop machine gun deemed non-street legal

Russian Batmobile with prop machine gun deemed non-street legal
A custom-made Batmobile has been seized and impounded in Moscow for pushing the boundaries of a roadworthy vehicle.

Russian authorities deemed the unusual car’s dimensions to “exceed acceptable norms” – after causing a stir with its huge lugged tyres, lotus-petal doors, massive rear wings and faux machine guns on the bonnet.

Unfortunately for the car’s unnamed 32-year-old male owner, he’s now being investigated on three different charges for the vehicle –a lack of documentation, excessive size, and irregular features.

He also faces the painful prospect of shelling out around £600 to the towing company, plus around £30 a day to the impound lot.

The spectacular vehicle – a purpose-built recreation of the Batmobile seen in Batman V Superman – was taken away by traffic police amid concerns it grossly flouts Russian road safety regulations.

Questions surrounding whether said traffic police were under the employ of the Joker remain unanswered.



Video footage shows a tow truck hauling the monstrous motor away after it was left parked on a major street with no licence plates.

Reportedly, special arrangements had to be made to tow the chunky 13-foot wide machine.

Police were, however, considerate enough to wrap the car in plastic to avoid scratching the bodywork.

Moscow’s branch of the Ministry of the Interior confirmed in a statement that the striking vehicle had been confiscated.

It claims the car had “not been manufactured within factory conditions” and was neither registered with authorities nor certified as roadworthy – the Russian equivalent of an MOT test.

On further inspection, police determined the car was also unlikely to be deemed anywhere near safe enough for public roads.

A similar car was recently sold on Russian car-trading website

The ‘Batmobile 2018 I’ was supposedly imported from the US to Russia in 2018, where additional features, including electronics, were later added.

Wondering if you could get your hands on your very own Batmobile?

Well, Russian business news website RBCRBC reported that the car's advertised price in late 2019 was 55 million roubles ($840,000 USD). Maybe leave it to Bruce Wayne…

If money (and roadworthiness) was no issue, which car from film or TV would you go for? Let us know your dream motor in the comments.

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