Retired village couple catch 130,000 speeding drivers in just a week

Retired village couple catch 130,000 speeding drivers in just a week
Image: South West News Service
A husband and wife team have taken it upon themselves to catch motorists speeding through their village – and clocked over 130,000 offences in just one week.

Malcolm and Joan Buller, both 71, took matters into their own hands after growing tired of drivers racing through the small village of Staplehurst in Kent.

Donning hi-vis jackets and using their own speed guns and road strips, Mr and Mrs Buller along with a group of other volunteers found more than half of drivers broke the 30mph limit, with over 150 caught doing more than 70mph.

This group led by the Bullers measured 284,024 vehicles at points along Staplehurst's four main roads between 14-20 November last year.

The couple now hope their findings force authorities to install a much-needed speed camera in the village.

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The Bullers’ findings – which could have seen a daily average of 19,000 speeding fines had a camera been installed – caused outrage in the village.

Mr Buller, who is also head of Speedwatch in Staplehurst, said: “When I told people the figures at the forum, they were just open-mouthed in shock. We live here and really don’t want to become an accident statistic.”

Another local said: “Something does need to be done before children are killed. We’re going to try to get a speed camera installed.

“It’s a long, straight road so people just welly it. So it’s only a matter of time before tragedy strikes.”

The Bullers surveyed the A229, the main north-south route through the village as well as 3 other main roads.

If you’re caught speeding, it’s likely it will be classed as a 'minor offence' and you will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of a £100 fine and three points on your licence.

You can usually avoid the points and opt for a speed awareness course instead, if it’s your first speeding offence or you haven't already attended an awareness course in the last three years.

However, if your offence is more serious, you could end up in court, where you could be hit with a significantly higher fine, more points on your licence, and a suspension or disqualification from driving.

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