Angry drivers divided on proper roundabout use

Angry drivers divided on proper roundabout use
A roundabout in Wales is whipping up a social media storm as drivers argue about how it should be used.

The arguments centre on a roundabout north of Llantrisant, where drivers bypassing queueing traffic in the outside lane are being branded “queue-jumpers” for merging at the last minute.

Drivers are getting so frustrated by what they perceive as “cutting-in” at the roundabout’s exit, they’ve taken their road rage to social media.

But as the RAC advises, the situation on this roundabout is an example of zip-merging – and it’s actually the so-called queue-jumpers who are in the right.

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The roundabout, on the Ely Valley Road to the north of Llantrisant, is approached from the south by a dual carriageway, which then merges into one lane at the exit.

But during rush hour, heavy traffic sees queues form as drivers merge into the left-hand lane on the approach to the roundabout.

And as frustrated motorists wait, others are taking the right-hand lane and merging into traffic after the roundabout, causing the controversy.

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One frustrated motorist on Facebook said: “There is always a queue of cars that is caused by cars zooming up in the right-hand lane and then squeezing in at the last minute by the roundabout.

“Am I the only one who wants to yell ‘cheating scum’ as they fly down on the right lane and then expect to be let in?”

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But as some of the so-called queue-jumpers have correctly pointed out, the filter arrow on the roundabout’s exit means that motorists should merge at the last-minute.

Zip-merging originated in the US and is used as traffic flow measure to cut the build-up of queues and maintain a steady stream of vehicles.

Motorists are supposed to use both lanes up until the point of lane closure, at which point they are supposed to take it in turns to merge into one lane, just like a zipper.

Drivers merging ahead of time, such as those in Llantrisant, are actually causing further tailbacks by choosing to merge as soon as possible.

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