Half of UK motorists can’t even identify a roundabout sign

Half of UK motorists can’t even identify a roundabout sign
The road knowledge of UK motorists is so poor that half can’t even identify a roundabout sign, according to a new study. 

The research, by road safety campaigners IAM RoadSmart, shows that a staggering two thirds of motorists are also unaware that they should be leaving a two-second gap from the vehicle in front. 

The study found that nearly six in 10 (57%) drivers can’t identify the “dual carriageway ends” sign, while only a third are aware that green cats eyes on a motorway signal a slip road.

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Worryingly for road safety campaigners, over half (53%) of motorists also confuse the two-second rule with a recommendation for leaving two car lengths. 

At 60mph, a gap of two car lengths equates to roughly one third of a second, giving drivers nowhere near enough time to react to the road ahead and avoid a collision. 

Figures recently released by Highways England found that tailgating is the cause of one in eight (12%) of all collisions on the road, resulting in 100 people killed or injured every year.

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In response to this, Highways England has launched its ‘Don’t be a Space Invader’ campaign, which uses the classic arcade game to warn drivers about the dangers of tailgating.

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart director of policy and research described the findings of the survey as shocking, and called for more to be done to educate drivers on road knowledge and the highway code.

He said: "The outcome of the survey brings to light some frightening statistics, which demonstrates the need to constantly refresh on-road knowledge.

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"With many young drivers showing high levels of traffic sign ignorance these results reinforce IAM RoadSmart’s view that road safety education should be taught as part of the National Curriculum in schools, to prepare teenagers for their future driving career.

"Many drivers don’t look at the Highway Code regularly after they've passed their test, but no-one's memory is perfect and it’s crucial to read and understand the most recent version of the Highway Code for the safety of all road users."

The poll, commissioned by IAM RoadSmart, surveyed 1,000 motorists.

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