Intelligent driving put to the test

Intelligent driving put to the test

Older drivers from the Midlands are the smartest in the UK, according to new research, while youngsters from Wales and the South West are more comparable to 'driving dunces'.

The Shell FuelSave Smarter Driving study ranked young (aged 18-30) and older motorists (aged 50-65) on their 'smart' and 'not-smart' driving behaviours in terms of fuel efficiency and safety, through their answers to a series of questions.

While young people in the north of England appear to be the smartest young drivers the nation has to offer, the overriding result of the survey is that older drivers and their wise ways reign supreme on the road.

Well over half (59%) of young drivers admit to driving with one or no hands on the wheel at times and accelerating through amber lights (56%), compared to a more respectable third of older drivers (34% and 32%).

A third of youngsters also confess to using their mobile phone behind the wheel, in comparison to just 5% of their older counterparts.

The vast majority of older drivers (82%) make an effort to drive smoothly in bid to save fuel, as opposed to just 57% of the younger road users.

RAC technical director David Bizley said: "The best tip for fuel efficient driving has to be getting rid of the heavy foot habit because that leads to filling up far more frequently and spending far more at the pumps than is necessary.

"Gentle acceleration and deceleration, and keeping a consistent speed makes for fuel efficient driving which is also safe driving. This is not just good for the pocket, but good for the environment and other motorists."

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