GB sticker ‘needed to drive across Irish border’ after Brexit

GB sticker ‘needed to drive across Irish border’ after Brexit
UK-registered cars will need a GB sticker to drive in Ireland after Brexit, the government has revealed.

According to new Brexit advice1, UK motorists will need to display the sticker when driving in any of the 27 EU countries – including the Republic of Ireland.

Drivers currently only need the sticker if their car does not have blue EU registration plates that display the ‘GB’ initials, but that could soon change.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams warned the new law could cause problems for those travelling abroad – particular those regularly crossing the Irish border.

The announcement forms part of a raft of new Brexit advice as the government steps up its preparations before the planned October 31st departure date.

The advice applies to cars registered in all parts of the UK – including Northern Ireland which, although not part of Great Britain, is still covered by GB car stickers.

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Mr Williams raised concerns drivers who travel regularly will easily be caught out if they continue to rely on their existing number plates with ‘GB’ on a blue background, following Brexit.

He said: “While it might seem ridiculous that this will no longer be enough to let authorities know a vehicle is registered in the UK, the latest advice from the government is clear.”

“Anyone travelling to an EU country, including the Republic of Ireland, must display a separate white oval GB sticker on the rear of their vehicle.”

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) echoed this advice, saying that while failing to display the sticker would not invalidate your premium, motorists are advised to follow all relevant requirements.

The impact of Brexit on driving abroad depends largely on the conditions attached to the UK’s departure from the European Union and what, if any, deal is reached.

Previous government advice has stated that motorists may require an International Driving Permit (IDP) alongside their UK licence to legally drive abroad.

Find out more information on IDPs and what you can expect when driving in Europe after the UK exits the European Union.

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