Callous driver’s phone destroyed for filming fatal crash

Callous driver’s phone destroyed for filming fatal crash
A driver who was caught filming a fatal road collision will have his phone destroyed as part of his punishment.

Police spotted George-Catalin Vlad filming the crash scene on his mobile phone when they arrived at the accident, which took place in Gamston, Nottinghamshire in July.

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When asked by the police to stop filming Mr Vlad smiled and continued to record, prompting officers to pull him over, seize his phone, and report him for using a mobile phone while driving.

The RAC called the actions of the driver sickening and praised police and magistrates for using the full force of the law in dealing with the offence.

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Appearing at Mansfield Magistrate’s Court on 25th September, Mr. Vlad was disqualified from driving for six months for using a mobile phone while driving.

As well as having his phone destroyed, he was also given a fine of £395 — the highest fine possible — and ordered to pay £85 police costs and a £40 victim surcharge.

A 57-year-old motorcyclist died in the collision between a motorbike and a car, which happened on 23rd July on the A52.

Sergeant Philip Broughton, of Nottinghamshire Police, said the offender had shown a complete disregard for the victim and their family and hoped that the result would send a clear message to others that such behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated.

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RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said: “It beggars belief that any driver would think that they could get away with such a blatant and dangerous action.

“Hopefully this action will send a clear message to other drivers who may be tempted to use their handheld mobile phone to film while driving.

“The police will catch them and magistrates will use the full-force of the law and their powers to punish them with hefty fine and penalty. And they won’t think twice about crushing their phone.”

For further information on dangers of using your mobile phone behind the wheel, check out the RAC’s Be Phone Smart campaign and make a difference today.

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