Council leader admits costly mistake with bizarre seafront road markings

Council leader admits costly mistake with bizarre seafront road markings
North Somerset Council have revealed that it will cost a further £375,000 to reverse the strange road markings that were introduced to Clevedon seafront in early 2023.

The new 20mph, one-way system, with cycle lanes, parallel parking, and ‘wiggly line’ scheme received public backlash for its confusing and unwanted introduction to the town.

In total, the scheme has so far cost more then £1.3 million, not including the funds needed to fix the current markings. The initial budget for the work was £200,520.

The revelation from council leaders on the decision to return the seafront to its former layout.

An independent review from Audit West suggested that the road should return to a two-way system, have the angled parking reintroduced, and remove the two-lane cycle path.

They also suggestion creating a pedestrian crossing and changing the mini roundabout leading to the seafront.

Locals complained that the scheme has negatively impacted businesses in the area.

North Somerset Council Liberal Democrat leader Mike Bell spoke to ITV News: "The big mistake was that we implemented a scheme that wasn't supported by the community and I'm really sorry that happened.

"We didn't get the consultation and engagement right, it took place during the Covid pandemic and, as a result, we've delivered a scheme that didn't work for people.

“The right thing to do is to try to deliver some changes and deliver a scheme that works for the people of Clevedon and that's what we're going to try to do.

"We'll have to try to find the money – it's not going to be easy, but we will try to do that."

RAC head of policy Simon Williams said: “It’s good to see that common sense has prevailed over the bizarre Clevedon seafront road scheme. Locals will now be celebrating that more people will be able to park and enjoy looking at the sea and the historic pier as well as visiting seafront hospitality businesses.

“But many will also be thinking how so much tax-payers money could have been spent on such a simple scheme, let alone one which turned out to be so deeply unpopular.

“There are also surely questions to be answered as to how this was ever classed as an ‘active travel’ scheme considering how short the cycle lane is. For this reason, we struggle to see how this would ever help to get people out of their cars, which was one of the stated aims of the project.”

What do you make of the sage at Clevedon seafront? If you live in the area, what are your opinions of the scheme? Leave your comments below.

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