Average speed cameras ‘better at slowing cars down’

Average speed cameras ‘better at slowing cars down’
RAC figures show that eight in 10 drivers think average speed cameras are better at slowing traffic than traditional fixed ones.

In an survey of over 2,000 motorists, 79% of respondents claim average speed cameras are most effective, compared to just 9% who thought fixed location cameras worked better.

Average speed cameras are commonly used to monitor the speed of vehicles traveling on motorways and track speeds over longer distances.

However, the study shows motorists remain unsure about cameras overall, with over 1 in 4 (27%) believing their sole aim to be raising money from drivers.

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The RAC says the figures show that average speed cameras are helping support messages about road safety.

Road safety spokesman Pete Williams said: “Our research suggests the growing use of average speed cameras in motorway roadworks and increasingly on sections of A-road is reinforcing the road safety message, as they are extremely effective at slowing down drivers.

“We know that some drivers can be very cynical about speed cameras, with a significant minority having told us they believe they are more about raising revenue than they are about road safety.

“Interestingly, these latest findings show there is now a strong acceptance that they are there to help save lives and prevent casualties on the road.”

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When asked about each type of camera, 86% of respondents claim that average speed cameras are effective at getting vehicles to slow down.

In contrast, while figures show that while 70% of drivers think traditional fixed cameras are good to slowing traffic down, 80% feel they make little difference beyond their immediate location.

When asked about the purpose of speed cameras, almost one in four drivers (37%) believe they are there to help slow vehicles at accident blackspots, while 36% think that they are both to help safety and collect revenue.

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