MP calls for own driving ban and wants to continue campaigning for tougher speeding measures

MP calls for own driving ban and wants to continue campaigning for tougher speeding measures
A Peterborough MP has asked to be temporarily disqualified from driving after being caught out for multiple speeding offences.  

Paul Bristow has previously campaigned for stricter speeding restrictions and said it would be hypocritical to try to avoid a ban for his offences, which include going over the limit in a 50pmh zone.

His column in the Peterborough Telegraph reads: “There are times when we face a choice. Recently, I have had a serious choice.

“There was an option that might have avoided consequences, but would make me a hypocrite. So I picked the other option, admitted responsibility for a speeding offence and asked to be temporarily disqualified from driving.

“I want to be clear. The incidents that triggered my request occurred on dual carriageways and both involves sections where the speed limit suddenly drops.

“Some of the advice I received was to contest the latest offence, or try to explain mitigating circumstances and avoid disqualification. But how could I do that?

“How could I campaign for speed cameras or tougher measures on ordinary Peterborough streets, if I asked a court to award me fewer points than my offence normally merits? If I offered excuses?

“I need to be able to campaign about speeding on residential streets without any suggestion of hypocrisy.”

The Conservative MP pointed out there are roads in Paston, Dogsthorpe, Bretton, and across the city that require action to resolve speeding problems.

Earlier this month, RAC research revealed than more than half of drivers (56%) have admitted to breaking the speed limit on motorways, with a third of these confessing to speeds in excess of 80mph.

Despite this, drivers continue to show support for wider use of average speed cameras on motorways, which measure speeds between stretches of road rather than single, fixed locations.

In March, IAM RoadSmart found that around 92,000 drivers have accumulated between nine and 11 points on their licence, leaving them worryingly close to the 12-point limit.

Speaking on his speeding offences, Mr Bristow added: “Multiple offences mean multiple points. The advice to wriggle off the hook would have been highly damaging in the ways that count.

“We badly need drivers to slow down on our residential streets.”

In November 2020, Government data revealed the number of speeding drivers increased by 7% during the first lockdown.

Speaking at the time, RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes said: “This data confirms what we previously suspected: lower traffic volumes sadly led to some shocking levels of speed limit disobedience, particularly on 30mph limit roads.”

How do you feel about this MP's actions? Let us know in the comments.

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