In Car Games - Activities for Kids

In Car Games - Activities for Kids

The Car Wheel


Have a look out the window.

You'll see different types and colours of cars!

The wheel will tell you all the types you need to find!

We'll start on the red ring.

Once you have crossed all of those off you can move on to the blue ring.

Then once you have crossed all of them off we are going to give you a challenge!

Can you spot an RAC van to cross of the centre?

If you see one then shout BULLSEYE and you are the winner!

Download a copy of our Car Wheel travel game.

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Car-igami: Dog


Have you ever heard of Origami?

It's when you fold a flat piece of paper to make it into the shape of something completely different!

Follow the instructions and fold along the dotted lines and let's see what you can turn your piece of paper into!

Download a copy of our Car-igami-Dog in car game.

Car-igami: Van


Origami actually translates to "paper folding" and the goal is to transform a flat, square piece of paper into a complete sculpture by folding it.

These Car-igami instructions will show you how to create a Van – and it can easily be done from the passenger seat of your car.

Download a copy of our Car-igami-Van in car game.

Ready, Set, Alphabet


This game is a tricky one so put your thinking hat on and be on the look out!

The aim is to find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet!

That's 26 different things, so make sure you're looking all around!

The first person to find something for every letter WINS!


Download a copy of our Ready Set Alphabet in car activity.

Road Sign Spotter


It's time to put your sign spotting skills to the test!

As soon as you've spotted any of these road signs - cross them off your card!

Once you've crossed them all off shout BINGO to let everyone know you're the winner!

If you're playing against someone, make sure they use a different card.

Download a copy of our Road Sign Spotter in car game.


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