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Porsche Macan: a class-leading SUV

A very comfortable family-sized SUV, with Porsche's famous performance when you need it

Porsche Macan S

This model from £44,636

The Porsche Macan is a game-changing SUV. Until now, mid-sized off-roaders have been able to offer space, reasonable pace, a great sense of perceived safety and high quality interiors. But none has ever driven like, well, a Porsche. What is most remarkable about the Macan is that it brings a new level of pleasure to the class, without losing any of those other more familiar SUV talents. It’s smart, comfortable and roomy, yet stands alone in the category when it comes to response and driver involvement.

Aside from the 2-litre petrol base model that few will buy, there are three other Macans. Most will rightly choose the diesel for its fuel efficiency and low down torque, but the petrol powered S is a smooth and satisfyingly quick alternative and the Turbo an unlikely high performance sports car, wrapped up in an SUV shape. But whichever you choose, if you want one we suggest ordering it now as demand far outstripped supply from the moment the car was launched and shows no sign of abating.


  • Engine: 2997cc, 340bhp
  • Top speed: 157mph
  • 0-60mph acceleration: 5.4sec


  • Claimed economy: 32mpg
  • VED: Group K
  • Insurance Group: 35 (1=low, 50=high)

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