Put the wrong fuel in your car?

RAC Fuel Drain service is available to Members and non-Members

Wrong Fuel Recovery

Call Us Now for our Fuel Drain Service.

Every year a large number of drivers put the wrong fuel in their car. If you're one of them, we can help with our Wrong Fuel Recovery Service. Driving your car after filling up with the wrong fuel can cause catastrophic damage to your engine. If you've put the wrong fuel in, you don't need to panic, you just need to call us.

  • RAC fully qualified and trained technicians
  • Appointment-based service also available

What to do if You've put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car?

  • Do not turn on the ignition or attempt to start the engine, this can circulate the contaminated fuel around your fuel system and increase the risk of potential damage
  • If you’ve realised you have put in the wrong fuel, call RAC as soon as possible

Call RAC Fuel Drain Patrol on: 0330 332 8456

RAC members receive a £50 discount off the full price.

What Our Wrong Fuel Recovery Service Does

It drains the vehicle's tank and entire fuel system of contaminated fuel. It flushes the system through with clean fuel and supplies an amount of fuel to get the vehicle mobile (More fuel is available at pump prices from patrol).

We recycle the contaminated mixed waste fuel in a safe, approved and environmentally friendly way (It can be used to power heating equipment or as a bio fuel).

Why choose RAC Fuel Patrol?

  • All our Fuel Patrols are trained mechanics (most were core Patrols first), so they have a full understanding of the vehicle systems and hold a current Safety Alliance accreditation to allow them to work safely on Petrol station forecourts
  • We are fully insured
  • We're an Environment Agency approved carrier
  • We use specialist vehicles purpose built by RAC, uniquely fitted with custom-manufactured mobile draining equipment
  • We can also tow your vehicle if required
  • Available for cars, vans under 3.5 tonnes, motorcycles, boats, plant machinery and more