Video: Car skids backwards down motorway almost hitting traffic officer

Video: Car skids backwards down motorway almost hitting traffic officer
Footage of a car slamming into a motorway barrier in icy conditions has been released as a warning to drivers to take care on the roads.

The red Nissan Micra can be seen skidding backwards at speed into the central reservation and into a Highways England vehicle along a stretch of the M61 in Lancashire.

Traffic officer Nigel Gorton, who had been dealing with a different incident in the same spot, had to jump the barrier to avoid being hit.

No-one was seriously injured in the crash.



The collision happened in March last year but the footage was released to remind drivers to take care as icy weather is forecast across large swathes of Scotland and England.

There is a yellow warning for snow and ice stretching the length of western Scotland down to Loughborough in the Midlands due come into force at 10pm on Wednesday 26th.

It will expire at 10am on Thursday 27th and is likely to bring wintry showers and icy roads, causing some travel disruption and risk of injury.

Mr Gorton said: “We’d had a report of a collision on the M61, so I’d been dealing with that when I spotted the car skidding out of control towards me.

“Luckily, I was able to jump over the barrier in time but a few minutes earlier I’d been getting cones and warning signs out of my car boot, so I dread to think what would have happened if I’d still been there.

“I’d definitely urge motorists to make sure they drive to the conditions as it takes a lot longer to stop when the roads are icy, and any sudden manoeuvres can lead to you losing control of your vehicle.”

Highways England is calling on drivers to slow down, particularly on roads that have been freshly gritted as the salt will not have had time to work into the carriageway.

The agency also recommend drivers carry a snow kit including warm clothes and blankets, food and water in case they get stranded in poor weather.

Tips to avoid skidding

  1. Driving in a higher gear to avoid wheel spin
  2. Avoid harsh braking
  3. Use gentle manoeuvres
  4. Ease off the accelerator if you start to skid

Have you ever lost traction on a slippery road? Hopefully it wasn't as dramatic as the video above, but please share your story with us in the comments below.

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