Tyre firm encourages eco driving

Eco driving techniques could help the average motorist to save almost £300 a year, a new study has claimed.

According to the report by Continental Tyres, over the driving lifetime of a motorist this adds up to the equivalent of £18,000 at current fuel prices.

British motorists waste more than £1 billion a year by not using eco driving techniques, the study warned.

Although nearly 90% of people are worried about the soaring fuel prices, four in 10 are still ignorant about eco driving.

Tim Bailey driving expert at Continental Tyres said: "As fuel costs continue to rise, affordable motoring is a big concern. By making minor alterations to your driving technique and doing regular basic checks such as tyre pressure, motorists can save hundreds of pounds a year."

Half of those who participated in the survey fear that they might be forced to take their cars off the road due to the rising cost of fuel.

Continental Tyres is urging motorists to follow a set of eco driving tips that include checking the pressure of tyres on a regular basis and getting rid of unnecessary loads.

Drivers can also reduce the chance of getting lost by planning unfamiliar journeys, while checking the traffic news could also prove useful.

Furthermore, the firm is calling on motorists to drive within the speed limit, and with a little more distance to the vehicle ahead to avoid harsh braking.

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