Truckers cite lack of healthy food in list of roadside gripes

Truckers cite lack of healthy food in list of roadside gripes
Lorry drivers may be more accustomed to counting the miles than the calories.

But a new survey into their biggest roadside complaints revealed they could be growing increasingly health conscious.

According to the results of the poll carried out by RAC Truck Rescue, 41% of businesses say their HGV drivers struggle with the lack of healthy snacks available on the road network.

By contrast, just over a fifth – 21% – of company car drivers cited a shortage of healthy food at service stations as among their biggest gripes.

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The findings are being taken as a positive sign, after separate research carried out by supermarket Morrisons found that some 28% of commercial drivers are obese or morbidly obese.

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“Of course we recognise that service station facilities are always improving and more and more food outlets are opening up for drivers, but there is clearly still more that can be done,” RAC Truck Rescue spokesman Matt Dallaway said.

“The haulage sector industry has struggled with concerns over the health of its workforce, so it’s really encouraging to see this shift in attitude, but the facilities need to be there to cater for those looking for a healthy option.”

Elsewhere, the poll of 500 UK businesses suggested that many of the bugbears of HGV drivers relate to other motorists.

It found that 40% get annoyed by seeing mobile phone use on the road, while 34% admit to being wound up by middle lane “hoggers”.

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In addition, there was concern over the standard of overnight facilities, with 39% of lorry drivers listing this as among their top complaints.

The findings come after the independent Transport Focus watchdog published its Take A Break report, which drew attention to the fact that many HGV drivers are not having their needs met on the roads.

Following the report, the group is working with the Government and Highways England to address some of the issues highlighted, while also calling for roadside facilities to be improved.

“As an industry we need to support our truck and lorry drivers and flag up issues such as this, because driver health is just as important as vehicle health for any fleet, as they are the ones at the front end keeping businesses moving,” Matt Dallaway said.

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