Top safety tips for older drivers

Top safety tips for older drivers

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to older motorists self-certifying that they are still able to drive, according to a training specialist.

IAM's Drive & Survive head of training Simon Elstow said as people get older their health can worsen and eventually they have to decide whether they should give up driving.

Mr Elstow says older drivers should not only ask themselves if they are able to drive safely, but take action to make sure they are still able to do it and register any illnesses that could affect their ability to drive.

He advises older drivers, who have to renew their licence at the age of 70 and again every three years, to make sure they keep up to date with their renewals to abide by the law. Before self-certifying, people should have a general health check with a GP to inform their decision, he said.

Mr Elstow highlights the importance of anyone diagnosed with dementia informing the DVLA as soon as possible. Anyone who develops a visual impairment must do the same.

Drivers are required to be able to read a registration plate from 20 metres and anyone who needs glasses or contact lenses to do this must wear them no matter how old they are, he said.

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