Three in five `back road charging`

Three out of five people think road charging based on how much a vehicle is used would be fairer than the fixed vehicle excise duty (VED) car tax, a new poll has found.

A huge 86% said cutting car use is important or very important in combating climate change, the survey from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) found.

A similar number said public transport costs are either high or very high, the poll of 3,000 people indicated.

Although 60% said a system of road charging would be fairer than the current VED system, more than 50% thought such a regime would make them use their vehicles less.

In addition, 83% would be happy to cut their car usage if public transport was improved.

The poll was unveiled alongside ICE's report on transport, which called for politicians of all parties to agree on a 30-year national transport strategy.

ICE's transport board chairman Alan Stilwell said: "Road user charging is by no means a silver bullet, but may need to be part of a mix of initiatives that starts shifting the costs of motor transport onto actual journeys, allowing people to make sensible choices about how they travel."

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