These winter driving mistakes could lead to large fines this Christmas

These winter driving mistakes could lead to large fines this Christmas
The cold and wintry weather has set in across the UK, causing chaos and disruption on the roads.

Drivers have had to cope with snow, high winds, and freezing temperatures – all of which can significantly impact our vehicles.

With the ice and snow set to continue in the weeks ahead, here are the fines you could be hit with if you aren’t prepared for winter driving.

It is worth checking your vehicle before you next set off on a road trip – winter driving fines can reach up to £10,000 per mistake.

Snow on roof

As you have probably seen in recent times, snowfall blanketing the view out your window at home can look picturesque – but remember to clear it all of your vehicle before you get behind the wheel.

If you fail to remove it from your vehicle, and are caught with snow on your vehicle while driving, you could receive a fine of up to £2,500.

This is because the snow can fly off while driving onto other road users, potentially causing a dangerous situation.

It could block your view (or someone else’s view) of the road and their surroundings.

Snow on number plate and external lights

Much like the above, clearing snow off of your number plates and all external lives, will save you receiving a fine up to £1,000.

Number plates are a legal requirement and having them blocked by snow (or anything) is illegal.

Lights on your vehicle are imperative for safety of yourself and the surrounding road users. Therefore, they should also be clear at all times.

This also comes with a £1,000 fine.

Lack of visibility

Similar to the two above, the weather conditions can impact the visibility of your vehicle.

No matter if it is snow, ice, or debris, clear your windows from all obstructions.

Failing to do so, could also lead to another £1,000 fine.

Another lights-related problem is that you should only ever use your fog lights when it is fogy – not when snowing. This could result in a £30 fine for dangerous driving behaviour.

Not de-icing or de-misting your windscreens

A common cold weather driving mistake, is getting behind the wheel while your windows are still covered in ice or haven’t been demisted.

Not only could this result in a £60 fine, but also three points on your licence.

Keeping a scraper in your car as part of your winter breakdown kit is important during the colder months.

Before setting off, demist your windscreen.

Low tyre tread

Although it is a problem year round, having lower tread on your tyres is a more serious issue in the winter.

This is because it becomes even more challenging to grip to the road during snow and ice.

Also, these road conditions will also impact stopping distances when breaking.

To avoid a fine of up to £10,000 (£2,500 per tyre), you must have the minimum legal tyre tread depth for cars in the UK of 1.6mm, but a tread depth of 3mm for all tyres is optimal.

You should also look to see if your tyres have any cracks or damage – and that your tyre pressure is correct.

Are you ready for winter driving? The RAC has a wide range of guides and helpful tips for all drivers during the colder months.

If you have any helpful winter driving tips, leave them in the comments below.

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