Tackling poor air quality – what’s your view?

Tackling poor air quality – what’s your view?
Air quality is a top priority for national and local government and a major concern for everyone.

The Government has put the responsibility on local authorities to draw up plans for how they tackle air quality and emissions on a local level and introduced the concept of Clean Air Zones in towns and cities where pollution levels are at their highest.

In particular diesel vehicles are being identified as a major source of nitrogen dioxide and particulates which impact air quality. 

We would like to know how you feel about some of the latest suggestions and plans.

Clearly something has to be done and the RAC has stressed that initiatives should tackle the biggest polluters and vehicles doing higher mileage in our urban and city centres including buses, and private hire vehicles.

Measures should also be made to tackle other sources of pollution as well as transport – and passenger vehicles should not be singled out as an easy target for legislation or taxation.

In November 2017 Islington Council announced its intention to introduce surcharges for diesel vehicles using short-stay parking. They have already increased charges for locals with diesel vehicles using residents parking in the borough.



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