School run 'stresses most parents'

School run 'stresses most parents'

Most parents have found themselves stressed out by the school run with the fight for parking spaces a common bone of contention, new research reveals.

The survey shows 60% of parents feel stressed on the school run while 43% even said they worry the night before drop-offs and pick-ups.

Almost a quarter of parents (23%) admitted blocking other mums and dads in with their vehicle and even more (29%) said they had parked illegally to get closer to school.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: "The school run is the perfect recipe for a 'cargument' as parents and children seem to have two very different agendas in the morning. As a result many carguments actually begin well before getting into the car and just get worse due to being in a confined space together.

"This means it can be far harder to concentrate fully on driving which is a real cause for concern, especially as parents may end up in a rush to get to school and then on to work.

"We urge everyone to take a little extra time in the morning to avoid any unwanted and potentially very dangerous mishaps on the road."

Although there are several well known ways to make driving less stressful - using a reliablejourney planner , for instance - it seems vehicle envy also plays a part on the school run as 50% admit they are envious of other parents' cars.

Aston Martin, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen came out on top in terms of the cars families would most like to be seen in.

Jon Quirk, editor-in-chief of Auto Trader, who discovered the results, said: "With so much going on and so early in the day, it is not a surprise that the school run brings the worst out in us."

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