RAC warns over dangerous new car door ‘game’

RAC warns over dangerous new car door ‘game’
Motorists have been warned about a worrying new ‘game’ that sees teenagers opening the doors of moving cars on busy roads.

The RAC branded the new craze “stupid and dangerous” and is urging drivers to take precautions against the behaviour by locking their doors.

The so-called game has seen youths running up alongside moving vehicles on busy roads, grabbing the left-hand side passenger door handle and opening it.

This causes the car’s driver to slam on the brakes, as the perpetrator sprints away.

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In response to reports of the prank, the RAC condemned the behaviour.

Spokesman Simon Williams said: “This is very stupid and dangerous behaviour that could very easily result in a nasty accident, either for the person opening the door or another unsuspecting road user.

“Motorists may need to take the precaution of keeping their doors locked while on the move to avoid this being done to them.”

If you’re worried about what to do if fall victim to the mindless craze and it leads to an accident, check out the RAC’s complete guide to what to do in the event of an accident.

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Footage of the activity was caught on film by motorist Noel Reedman, who saw an incident take place in Dartford, Kent earlier this month.

Dashcam footage captured by Mr Reedman, 73, shows a group of teenagers walking up the town’s East Hill before one of them sprints up to a passing Ford people carrier.

The teen then grabs the passenger door handle and opens it, before running down a side street when the driver slams on the brakes.

Reflecting on what he saw, Mr Reedman said: “It was scary to see.

“I had my wife with me on our way to her day care centre and she shouted out to them that we had filmed them, but by then they were running away.”

A spokesperson for Kent Police was unable to comment as the incident had not been reported.

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