RAC backs plans for a fairer private parking sector

RAC backs plans for a fairer private parking sector
An MP’s proposal for a fairer private parking sector has earned the “wholehearted” backing of the RAC.

Earlier this year Sir Greg Knight MP unveiled The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill 2017-18, which bids to make private parking companies more accountable and offer a fairer appeals process for drivers.

The RAC agrees there “urgently needs to be a set of national minimum standards”, with its research suggesting 73% of drivers want to see the sector taken into government control.

Have you had a dispute with a private parking operator?

Maybe you received a ticket or a penalty which you believe was unfair?

We hear countless stories from our members who believe they've been treated unfairly but struggle to challenge the operators.

We've been calling on the Government to set national minimum standards for some time and we're now giving our backing to a private member’s bill. MP Sir Greg Knight has tabled the bill to tackle rogue private parking companies.

You can add your voice to the campaign by emailing or writing to your MP and asking them to back a new Parking Bill. 

Step 1 - Download the template letter and fill out the short sections in red

Step 2 - Look up contact details for your MP – you just need to know your postcode to do this

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Sir Greg’s private member’s bill had its first reading in July, with the aim of tackling rogue private parking companies head on with a legally binding code of practice.

Earlier this year, RAC Foundation research showed that 4.7 million vehicle records were handed over by the DVLA to private parking companies in the year to April 2017 – a record high which represents a 28% increase on the previous year.

Separate RAC research suggests almost two-thirds (62%) of drivers think private parking operators are only interested in making money, while almost half believe them to be too heavy-handed (45%).

RAC parking policy spokesman Nicholas Lyes said: “The strength of feeling is clear – motorists want the sector cleaned up and for self-regulation to end. With scandals such as ghost ticketing and hugely aggressive debt management systems, there urgently needs to be a set of national minimum standards.

“We have been calling on the Government to do the right thing for some time now. That’s why we are giving our wholehearted backing to the private member’s bill tabled by Sir Greg Knight MP. It is ludicrous that an industry with such a poor reputation is allowed to self-regulate without a shared minimum code of practice or an effective independent appeals process.”

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Asked what they would like to see emerge from potential regulation, around nine in 10 motorists cited penalty charge capping (91% in favour); guidelines for penalty charge amounts (88% in favour) and action to prevent aggressive enforcement (90% in favour).

Elsewhere, the conclusions of a Department for Communities and Local Government discussion paper into unfair parking practices, undertaken two years ago, are yet to be published.

Sir Greg has received broad cross-party support for his proposals.