Police issue warning after drivers caught playing Pokémon Go

Police issue warning after drivers caught playing Pokémon Go
Police have stopped two drivers after they were spotted playing Pokémon Go at the wheel.

The two separate incidents happened within a day of each other.

One man was seen playing the Nintendo game on his phone while driving along West Thurrock Way in Grays, Essex. He was given a ticket.

The second incident saw a teenage girl stopped in Basildon.

Essex Police's casualty reduction manager Adam Pipe said her car was stopped by officers as she was driving at slow speeds with no lights on.

The driver and three boys all in their late teens said they had been looking for Pokestops - places in Pokémon Go where players can stock up on essential items for the game.

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The officers gave them words of advice about the dangers of driving while distracted.

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Essex Police are now warning drivers of the dangers of playing Pokémon Go while behind the wheel.

Mr Pipe said: “Life isn't a game. There are no rewind buttons, second chances and no start-again buttons.”

Since its release in the UK earlier this month, Pokémon Go has taken the country by storm.

But the RAC is urging motorists to remain vigilant labelling it a 'no go when driving', while also keeping an eye out for Poké-playing pedestrians.

There have been reports of people walking into roads, getting into car accidents and being robbed while distracted by the need to find Pokémon.

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While the dangers are obvious, road safety experts are concerned there could be a sharp increase in accidents due to the gaming revolution.

The RAC is also warning pedestrians not to get “caught in the Pokémon mist” and ignore their own safety while close to roads.

RAC road safety spokesman, Pete Williams, said: “The Pokémon Go revolution could take the illegal use of hand-held mobile phones at the wheel to another level. 

“It has to be ‘Pokémon no-Go’ when driving but it is just as important that pedestrians don’t get caught in the Pokémon mist and find themselves stepping into the path of danger.

“The risks are obvious but this feels like a whole new level of gaming addiction and yet another reason for people to be glued to their smart phones instead of looking where they are going.”

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