Police call for dashcam footage to help prosecute dangerous drivers

Police call for dashcam footage to help prosecute dangerous drivers
A police force is appealing for road users to share dashcam footage showing examples dangerous driving in a bid to improve road safety.

North Wales Police is calling on drivers, motorcyclists, horse riders and cyclists to supply them with any footage they feel could help to cut down on the number of accidents.

As part of Operation Snap, road users can provide film captured on devices like dashcams that has recorded things like careless driving and people using phones behind the wheel.

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It comes as officers say they have seen an increase in the amount of near misses taking place, with cyclists and horse riders at the most risk of harm.

According to the force, these close calls are being caused by motorists taking unnecessary risks or else failing to see other road users in the first place.

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Those witnessing reckless driving can be sent an email telling them how they can upload their footage along with a statement providing details of the incident.

The process has already helped to prosecute dangerous drivers, according to the force, and it is hoped that Operation Snap will continue this success.

Chief Inspector Darren Wareing said: “North Wales Police recognises that the vast majority of the public want to use the road network to get from A to B safely and that they don’t wish to tolerate unnecessary risks that some are exposed to by the actions of others.

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“Over recent months we have received footage capturing motoring offences including careless and dangerous driving, people on mobile telephones and people being distracted while using their smart devices behind the wheel.”

In a separate scheme, around 2,700 drivers were recently stopped by police that saw a specially adapted HGV cab to film people acting dangerously behind the wheel.

Among those who were caught out was a lorry driver who was recorded using two mobile phones on the M6 in Cheshire.

Highways England, which launched the scheme, said examples of irresponsible driving included a man in Surrey boiling water in a kettle on his dashboard and a motorist in Kent watching a DVD.

A driver in Hampshire was spotted reading a book, while a man in Surrey told officers he was using his mobile phone because he needed to call his new girlfriend after "their song" came on the radio.

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