Pokémon a 'no-go' while driving amidst motoring safety concerns

Pokémon a 'no-go' while driving amidst motoring safety concerns

As the Pokémon Go phenomenon continues to sweep the globe, arriving in UK app stores today, the RAC is urging motorists to remain vigilant and not play the game when driving while also keeping an eye out for Poké-playing pedestrians.

After an RAC survey earlier this year found drivers' illegal use of handheld mobile phones was rife, the motorist's champion has deemed it necessary to issue further warnings to motorists not to become distracted by the hugely addictive game.

While the dangers are obvious, road safety experts are concerned there could be a sharp increase in accidents due to the global-sweeping gaming revolution.

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The RAC is also warning pedestrians as well as drivers, not to get "caught in the Pokémon mist" and ignore their own safety while walking near roads.

RAC road safety spokesman, Pete Williams, said: "The Pokemon Go revolution could take the illegal use of hand-held mobile phones at the wheel to another level. 

"It has to be ‘Pokémon no-Go’ when driving but it is just as important that pedestrians don’t get caught in the Pokémon mist and find themselves stepping into the path of danger.

“The risks are obvious but this feels like a whole new level of gaming addiction and yet another reason for people to be glued to their smart phones instead of looking where they are going.

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“The game is proving massively popular with children and adults alike and is an encouragement for people to get out and explore their locality and beyond in their search for Pokémon characters but it is critical that drivers are not tempted to have the app running on their mobile phone when driving.”

“Pokémon Go may well be welcome entertainment for children stuck in the back of the car on a long journey this summer but parents will now be faced with a new challenge of constant requests to change route, slow down or speed up so their passengers can catch Pokémon characters.”